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Gingerbread Babies Reborns

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My name is Ginger Busker and I am the artist behind Gingerbread Babies.  I have babies all over the world and now sell them exclusively on ebay (user name: buskerdg).  Because every reborn is hand made, no two are ever exactly the same!

A reborn baby is a soft vinyl, hand created doll made to look like a real baby. By using different techniques, I am able to achieve baby dolls that look, smell and feel so realistic that many people are taken completely by surprise. My babies are even weighted to feel like you are holding a real baby!

It takes me on average 24-58 hours to create a reborn and the heat set paints I use are permanent...they will never fade, peel or chip over time.  Please enjoy looking at some of my more recent babies in my photo gallery and check out my babies for sale on ebay